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stainless steel column covers
Stainless Steel Column Covers

Stainless Steel Column Covers can be formed in various shapes, including: round, oval, square, rectangular, tapered and elliptical with caulked, reveal or butt joints. They can have top, bottom and intermediate reveals incorporated in them. They can be furnished with sound deadening material applied to reduce noise on impact.  Our Stainless Steel column covers are fabricated on press breaks and roll-forming equipment as shapes require.

  • AF-1000 Series Column Covers- minimum joints sealed with backer rod and sealant |        

column covers - AF 1000
  • AF-2000 Series Column Covers- Hairline Joint attaches column halves with concealed fasteners
column covers - AF 2000

They are an ideal solution for interior and exterior column enclosure.
Column covers are typically attached to a sub-framing system consisting of structural steel studs and clip angles attached to the building structure. They can also be attached directly to structural steel columns and concrete columns if room for sub-framing is not available.

Face Materials Stainless Steel Column Cover Systems

  • 16 Ga. Stainless Steel recommended (other thicknesses available) available in Brushed, Polished or pattern custom finishes

Panels Size limitations

  • Column covers are available in an 8" minimum diameter
  • Maximum column cover lengths Approx. 15'-0" (Multiple Sections required for longer lengths
  • Maximum column cover width Approx. 56" (arc length)
  • Typically square and rectangular covers can be formed to 16 feet maximum length, width is restricted only to flat stock availability.
column cover system
column covers

Finishes Available 
Stainless Steel is available in several standard finishes #4 Brushed & #8 Polished in a Type 304 or Type 316. 


  • Textured Stainless Steel and Specialty finishes are available in addition to our standard finishes.
saintless steel finishes


column covers Project Gallery

column covers Design Assistance

column covers - AF 100 w/Channel AF 1000 Base Detail column cover - AF 1000 Head Detail




Download Specifications column covers

We have a good selection of technical documents in .pdf and .dwg (CAD) format that can be downloaded from our Technical Resource section.


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