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Aluminum Plate Panels


Manufactured from Aluminum Plate or Stainless Steel sheet material, our panel system can be an economical alternative to other finish systems. Designed primarily as a defense from the elements protecting the building structure, aluminum panels provide a durable uniform appearance contributing to the building design. Generally the corners are welded and ground smooth on aluminum panels and the panels are reinforced with stiffeners as required by design loads to meet deflection criteria. This panel system is also available in Stainless Steel in a variety of finishes also.

aluminum plate panels

AP-1000 Details
AP-1000_1.pdf - Typical Horizontal Joint Detail
AP-1000_2.pdf - Typical Vertical Joint Detail
AP-1000_5.pdf - Typical Parapet Detail

AP1000 Specifications

AP1000 CC Spec 3-part.doc




Download Specifications column covers

We have a good selection of technical documents in .pdf and .dwg (CAD) format that can be downloaded from our Technical Resource section.


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