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Aluminum Column Covers


Manufactured from aluminum sheet material, designed to hide from sight, the building support structure, used to create a uniform appearance. Column covers can be formed in various shapes, including: round, oval, square (Beam Wraps), rectangular (Beam Wraps), tapered and elliptical with caulked, reveal or butt joints. Column Covers can be fabricated to have top, bottom and intermediate reveals incorporated to give a distinct aesthetic quality.

aluminum column covers



AF-1000 Details

AF-1000_1.pdf - Typical Vertical Joint Detail
AF-1000_3.pdf - Typical Head Detail

AF-1000_4.pdf - Typical Base Detail


AF-1000 Specifications

AF 1000 CC Spec 3-part.doc


AF 2000 Details

AF-2000_1.pdf - Typical Vertical Joint Detail
AF-2000_2.pdf - Typical Head Detail
AF-2000_3.pdf - Typical Base Detail



AF-2000 Specifications

AF 2000 CC Spec 3-part.doc



Download Specifications column covers

We have a good selection of technical documents in .pdf and .dwg (CAD) format that can be downloaded from our Technical Resource section.


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