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laminate foam panels
  Laminated foam panels aluminum column covers

AlumaFab's Laminated Foam Panels are laminated on vacuum tables to insure bond with adhesives and superior flatness of our panel system.  Our foam panels use pre-cured rigid insulation boards cut from buns and allowed to fully cure before cutting into slabs and laminated into panels.  This system offers an excellent means of obtaining custom insulated spandrel panels.  Typically fabricated at a thickness of 1", the product is also available up to a thickness of 6", offering a maximum R value of 30.  

Glazed-in panels can also be designed with this system to install into;

  • Storefront systems
  • Curtain-wall glazing systems 
  • Entrance systems
laminated honeycomb
We also fabricate Column Covers see our column cover page for further information regarding our column covers products.
  Face and Liner Materials Laminated Foam Panels Systems
  • Aluminum .040 Aluminum Face and Liners typical. .050, .063, .080, .090, & .125 are available.
  • Stainless Steel 22 Ga. Faces with compatible liners typical.  Polished or Brushed.
  • Galvanized Steel 22 Ga. Face and Liners typical. 20 Ga., 18 Ga., and 16 Ga. are Available
laminated foam panels
  • Polyisocyanurate cores (R-value of approximately 5 per inch of thickness)
  • EPS Expanded Polystyrene (R-value of approximately 5 per inch of thickness)
  • Hardboard backers are also available to increase durability in traffic areas
  Panels Size limitations
  • Maximum panel lengths Approx. 24'-0"
  • Maximum panel width Approx. 58" based on 1" panel thickness (varies with panel thickness)
  Finishes Available               
Spray Coated Products - Aluminum Panels Systems can be Painted with Kynar 500 Spray Coating System carrying up to a ten (10) year warranty available.
Coil Coated Products - Aluminum Panels System & Galvanized Panel System can be Painted with Kynar 500 Coil Coating System carrying a twenty (20) year warranty available.
Anodized Finishes are also available:  Batch anodizing process for fabricated aluminum products are produced with 5005 anodizable quality aluminum.
Coil anodized process available on aluminum fabricated products manufactured with light gauge sheet material 5005 anodizable quality aluminum.
Stainless Steel is available in several standard finishes #4 Brushed & #8 Polished in a Type 304 or Type 316. 
         Textured Stainless Steel and Specialty finishes are available in addition to our standard finishes
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Visit our Technical Resources page to view our specifications and CAD files available for our product line. To access and download our CAD (dwg) files, we invite you to register with our online system.


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