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aluminum column covers

AlumaFab Metal Sales Products

column covers Column Covers and Beam Wraps: Designed for Interior and Exterior Applications.
Aluminum Column Covers and Aluminum Beams Wraps
Stainless Steel Column Covers & Stainless Steel Beam Wraps

Aluminum Composite Column Covers & Aluminum Composite Beam Wraps


aluminum wall panels Panel Sytems: Designed for Interior and Exterior Applications.  
Aluminum Plate and Stainless Steel Panels
Insulated Foam Panels
Honeycomb Panels (non-insulated)
  Brake Shapes and Custom Metal Fabrication  
Custom brake shapes fabricated to your needs include:
  • Window Sills
  • Flashing
  • Mullion Covers
  • Corner Cover
  • Parapet Caps and Roof Copings
  • Brake Metal Cladding 
  • Prefinished Aluminum Sheet
  Custom Metal fabrication services
  • Extrusion sawing
  • Drilling, Notching
  • Unit assembly, Welded assemblies and Component parts               


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Download Specifications column covers

We have a good selection of technical documents in .pdf and .dwg (CAD) format that can be downloaded from our Technical Resource section.


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