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Below are links to PDF documents, specifications and CAD (dwg) files for our product line. To download a document, right click on the link and choose 'save file' from the Windows pop-up menu. This will save the document to your local computer. If you have questions about our products, please contact our office at (800) 544-2488.


Description .PDF .DWG .DOC Specifications
AF-1000 DETAILS     column cover AF-1000 SS CC Spec 3-part
column cover AF-1000 CC Spec 3-part

Typical Vertical Joint Detail   column cover AF-1000_1.pdf DWG  
Alternate Vertical Joint Detail column cover AF-1000_2.pdf DWG  
Typical Head Detail column cover AF-1000_3.pdf DWG  
Typical Base Detail column cover AF-1000_4.pdf DWG  
AF-2000 Details     column cover CC Spec 3-part
AF-Typical Vertical Joint Detail   column cover AF-2000_1.pdf DWG  
AF-Typical Head Detail column cover AF-2000_2.pdf DWG  
AF-Typical Base Details column cover AF-2000_3.pdf DWG  
AP-1000     column cover AP-1000 Spec 3-part
Typical Horizontal Joint Detail column cover AP-1000_1.pdf DWG  
Typical Typical Vertical Joint Detail column cover AP-1000_2.pdf DWG  
Typical Jamp Detail column cover AP-1000_3.pdf DWG  
Typical Base Detail column cover AP-1000_4.pdf DWG  
Typical Parapet Detail column cover AP-1000_5.pdf DWG  
Glazed Panel Details     column cover FM-1000 Spec 3-part
Glazed Detail 1 Recessed Panel column cover AF-Glazed_1.pdf DWG  
Sunscreen Details      
Sun Screen column cover Sunscreen DWG  


column coversIf you have any questions please contact us


Design Assistance column covers

AlumaFab is a single source custom panel manufacturer which offers a wide variety of customer services to assist in the successful design and installation of our wall panel systems. From design through installation we have a staff qualified to answer any of your questions or offer technical support.


To request pricing for our products please visit our contact page for all of our contact information.  Looking for the information we would required to provide a quotation?  Please visit our FAQ section for a listing of this information required for quotations on our various products.